About Us

Organization Overview

SERVE 6.8 is a Christian nonprofit organization that serves the most vulnerable people in northern Colorado.  We offer programs for those experiencing crisis in the areas of food, shelter or finances as well as housing safety and stability.  We currently partner with nineteen churches in Northern Colorado who have decided that by combining their efforts they can maximize their potential and reach more people in need and provide greater assistance to the community as a whole.

Programs Overview

At our Resource Center, guests may be experiencing crisis in the areas of food, shelter or finances. Our overall approach depends on the guest’s current life circumstance. If they are facing a natural or man-made crisis, we offer immediate relief through a Food Pantry and Clothing Closet. Beyond immediate crisis, we offer a range of financial, legal, and career assistance services that are intended to help prevent future crisis. Depending on their pre-crisis situation, we will offer either rehabilitation services to help restore them to their pre-crisis condition, or development services that helps reconcile the four foundational relationships; God, self, others and creation.


The Community Impact program connects team members with projects serving the most vulnerable people in our community, such a single moms, elderly, disabled, widows and disaster survivors. SERVE 6.8 has worked with disaster survivors from the High Park Fires, Estes Park Fires, and Northern Colorado Floods of 2013 by providing financial assistance, access to community resources, and/or projects (including debris removal and heavy equipment).